Singer-songwriters, Kelsi Lee (USA) & Cote Godoy (Chile) bridge  distinct cultural roots forming a fresh sound uniquely their own.  Their musical explorations daringly fuse styles and rhythms of North and South America with lyrical interplay in,  English, Spanish and modern Greek.  High energy live performances invite listeners on a dynamic and unforgettable adventure of music and story-telling. For the upturned ear, and searching heart,  reflections on Life - alive with purpose. KelsiCote Amig@s full band format includes phenomenal international musicians from both North and South America.


Kelsi Lee

Cote Godoy 

Vocals, Ukulele, Percussion


Guitar, Vocals



Violin & Viola



Derek Reeves

Pablo Espinoza




Casey Stansifer

Colin Boyd

Tommy Saul

Piano & Keyboard



Bass Guitar



Drums & Percussion