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An original music group weaving an eclectic and unique sound,  KelsiCote began as a duo of singer-songwriters connecting their native North and South Americas, later evolving into KelsiCote Amig@s, a power-house full band format of authentic original fusion. 


Their unique sound fuses folklore, jazz, classical, pop and harmonic experiments that speak to our present age of innovation and possibilities.  With lyrics in Spanish, English and modern Greek, their music bridges divides with funky rhythms, melodious harmonics, and messages of peace, freedom, and creativity.  Listening to their music, is a journey of starry skies over the South American plateaus, whirling winds in the fields of the Midwest, echoes and hues of the Greek sirens, and rhythmic beats of the pampas.  Read more on the journey of KelsiCote from the beginning.

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